Your Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Explains How Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ Has Expanded the Concept of Love!

Countless people attended the meeting, excited for the possibility to partake of the anointing and the wonder working power of Jesus. It ended up being a life-transforming event, along with the people trooped to the venue, all set to receive from God. A glorious praise and worship session commenced, with the people building up the…

TCIF awards

BREAKING NEWS- Trauma Care International Foundation Wins Merit Award for Security

Trauma Care International Foundation (TCIF) is a non-governmental organisation focused on enhancing the state of trauma care and emergency response services registered in Nigeria. TCIF continues to be able to help individuals, families, and communities become better equipped to react to crises. They have also helped expand the ability and knowledge base of first responders…


Cured of Psychosis and Schizophrenia: Athule Testifies

A breaking story out of Nigera; Athule Apleni, a thoughtful and lively young student, began losing control of his thoughts. Matters progressed, and his condition continued to worse, until he began acting violently towards everyone, including his own family. His family took him to hospital, where analysis revealed he was plagued with psychosis and schizophrenia….