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Pastor Chris Is Aiding the African Economy, By Bringing in Enormous Numbers of Christian Visitors



HARARE, NIGERIA – Good news for God, and good news for the nation of Nigeria! Tourism in Nigeria is booming, and Pastor Chris and Christ Embassy certainly are a major reason why. Harare metropolitan province held the inaugural Corporate Social Responsibility Awards where the Religious Tourism Award was given last week.

The awards were running beneath the theme “Societal Economical and Spiritual Transformation and Harare Provincial Matters minister Mirriam Chikukwa said the awards were meant to recognize and appreciate attempts of differing organisations and men and women in society. Among those contained in the awards was Christ Embassy and our own Pastor Chris Oyakhilome.

Recently, officials have ordered locals and government to support the growth of religious tourism in the state, saying the sector has the possibility to turn across the nation’s marketplace, which is on the precipice.

In many West African countries, for example Nigeria, economies are developing due to booming tourism that is certainly religious.

Numbers show that for each six individuals who land at Murtala Muhammed International Airport (MMIA) in Nigeria, four will be seeing popular men of God like Chris Oyakhilome. Pastor Chris’s own LoveWorld Convocation Arena is the biggest entirely air conditioned stadium in Nigeria; it alone can hold up to 25,000 worshipers. Moreover, the Pastor’s LoveWorldTV network is the entire world’s first worldwide Christian satellite television network, broadcast to every continent on the world — that is also instrumental in bringing in foreign tourists.

Christ Embassy’s December 31st New Year’s service will add even more tourism to the region. It will be to Orlando Arena in South Africa, and will draw a live crowd of 36,000 And of course, it will be broadcast live to millions of viewers over the LoveWorld network. Pastor Chris is a man who’s not simply devoted to God, but to enhancing the continent of Africa, as well as his many contributions to destitute and the poor, expanding tourism as well as the profile of Nigeria is one of numerous ways in which our continent has been added by him. Truly, these are great days.

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