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Big Things are coming for Pastor Chris Oyakhilome as he is about to launch a NEW TV CHANNEL IN THE USA

pastor chris 91

pastor chris 91


Very few people live by the code as it pertains to doing the proper things in life. Though none of us are considered perfect, and we make mistakes on a constant basis, having a strong belief system can help get us through the toughest of times. Do you believe in spiritual healing? Pastor Chris Oyakhilome of Lagos, Nigeria, has the knowledge and answers which you might be seeking. This guy has an anointed 25 years of ministry under his belt, and he heads one of the most prominent religious institutions in Africa. This place happens to be called The Christ Embassy, plus it delivers on all higher power promises. With it’s millions of followers and members the institution is large also. These individuals span upon the globe in five distinct continents, which includes Africa, Asia, the United States as well as the United Kingdom. The message of God is put to the test everyday, but Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has a huge media network to keep it’s members on the straight and narrow.

Two of the churches most revered conferences stand out from other similar conferences. These are more like grand events, which are full of teachings, music, inspirational advice and motivational speaking. Night of Bliss and also The Higher Life conferences bring together people of all races and creeds. The huge fellowship of the Christ Embassy reaches well into the millions especially when the media is being accounted for. There is even mobile media that helps the members stay connected all the time. This church has thought of everything in it’s attempts to spread the word. One of the most popular treats of it’s come from the Healing School. Here, the gift of Spirit rules, and this Spirit manifests into the healing works of Christ himself. When it is mental or physical could find some type of reprieve through the healing crusade. The Christ Embassy dates back to as far as 1990 and even though it’s millions of followers, it is members still receive that one-on-one connection.

Media plays an important role in society everyday, and televisions are still some of the best forms of receiving and getting information. With the help of Pastor Benny Hinn, LoveWorld USA brings the power to the American frontier. This new television channel has been launched for some months, also it has taken off in popularity. Chris Oyakhilome has brought in a sense of business savviness that will push the limits even further, especially as it pertains to God’s teachings. Though no one’s pushing religion down the throats of the people, it is great to always have the added options right at your fingertips.

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