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Brenda Formin – One of The Future Leaders of Africa

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Brenda Formin Fuen from Cameroon is 19 years old and she believes she can change the world and make it a better place to live. She believes that young people are the force of change and that inspired her to embark on many journeys to fight with problems such as unemployment and illnesses. She also wants to help reducing the teenage pregnancy in her nation.

Brenda is an 2016 receiver of the Future Africa Leaders’ Awards from the Future Africa Leaders’ Foundation – an initiative of Rev Dr Chris Oyakhilome, DSc, DD, the President and Creator of the Believers’ LoveWorld Incorporated a.k.a Christ Embassy. The Foundation dynamically functions to proffer solutions to difficulties in Africa by empowering recognising and working together with young Africans who’ve taken admirable steps in addressing the various social problems on the continent.

In the month of February 2017, Brenda organised the very first variant of the Future Africa Leaders’ Peak themed “Youth Mobilization for Luxuriant Growth, Global Impact and Nation Building” in Cameroon.

This summit was streamed across 2 other African nations specifically; Gabon and Congo, recording over 1300 in attendance. The summit was aimed at empowering youths towards progression and sustainable growth.

Present for the program were reputable entrepreneurs like the Ambassador of Zaron Cosmetics, Cameroon, in addition to a FALA Ambassador Enoch Afotey who was as a guest speaker in the software, from Ghana.

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