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Revitalized for a Renewed and Bright Life

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“I was diagnosed with osteoporosis, psoriasis, glaucoma and overactive thyroid in 2006. Because of these conditions I experienced discomfort and pain in the majority of time, so it was not possible to live a normal life.  I was dependent on others for assistance; I could hardly help myself and I was in need of wheelchair, so I can move around. Prior to hearing of the Healing Shcool, it appeared to me that I would never have my life the way it was before,” says Aloma Heather Jansz.

At the Healing School, Aloma had an extraordinary experience that she never forgot. Her faith was built to receive all that God had planned for her. Like never before, she was very confident in the power of God to heal her. Her expectations were not cut short, and her miracle happened just as she had anticipated: “I felt the anointing inside me; giving me new strength and cleansing my system. I immediately got up from the wheelchair and started walking all around. Praise God! I am healed and I feel like I have been re-energized for a new and glorious life!” This was a new, fresh and beautiful start for Aloma, and her life has been filled with praise to God ever since.

The Healing School is an oasis of faith and hope for millions all around the world; it is a place of the miraculous. The first healing service of the 2017 Autumn Session holds on Sunday 19th of March, and it will be a time for the manifestation of the Spirit of God.

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