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The Miraculous Healing Power of Christ Is Present in the Lands of Fiji and Gambia!

Attendees worship God at the MFS Fiji Island

Lord Jesus Christ’s great blessing to us has always been present through his words and teachings, but it is likewise wonderfully present through the miracles and healings that he enacted. Lord Jesus was, naturally, the beloved Son of God, and his power to heal the sick, to make the blind see again, and to help the lame to walk again was, in fact, concrete evidence that he was not merely a mortal: but instead was a preordained spark of the Divine Will of God!

Without Christ’s healing, we would merely only have a rabbi, a teacher, a prophet. But with the power of his healing miracles we have concrete proof of God’s great power and love for us. Pastor Chris’s Healing School aims to continue in this wonderful tradition, to continue in the great healing work that was granted us by the Lord God, through the crucifixion of his only son!

Through this platform, former students of the Healing School help thousands of individuals to apprehend the reality of God’s Word with the testimonies of their awe inspiring wonders.

The Healing School of Pastor Chris creates an environment for people that are sick all around the globe to receive a brand new life. Among her many outreaches is a special programme where past students of the Healing School use their miracles and personal experience as a tool for evangelism as well as for inspiring others to stand strong in faith, the Miracle Faith Seminar, trusting Gods Word.

The island of Fiji experienced firsthand a new move of Gods anointing like never before as the Christ Embassy church in the state hosted her first Miracle Faith Seminar. As many came to observe the healing touch from God, it was a lovely experience.

Following this, the attendees observed a stirring wonder of Ian Freeman, who’d an intervertebral disc prolapse which resulted in paralysis. He received his healing after the ministration at the Healing School, by the man of God, Pastor Chris.

Subsequently, the congregants listened to past Healing School students as they testified of their miracles who were not absent. Dominic Ogbuagu was one such pupil, and he enthusiastically shared his story of the marvelous he was healed of a break to his right femur, which had induced him to use crutches in order to walk, after the Pastor Chris ministered to him at the Healing School.

The guest speaker, Pastor Biodun Lawal, emphasised the need for holding fast to God, the author and finisher of faith. Educating the assembly about faith, he highlighted that it is the tool for triumphing over illness and disease. As he put hands on the sick, healing them and setting free those who oppressed of the devil he further illustrated the powerful power of God.

Victory for the Isle of Fiji!

An additional Miracle Faith Seminar edition hosted in Banjul, Gambia, was the first of its sort in the city. Long with great expectation, many prepared before the scheduled date for the demonstration of Gods power; the folks were hungry and enthusiastic .

It was an outpouring of the astonishing, the place was filled with a strong unction of the Spirit. The worship was uplifting and the testimonies were not worry of Gods healing power. Deacon Gbadebo Oluwabiyi, shared his account of how he became of paralysis and was made whole after the man of God, Pastor Chris, ministered to him at the Healing School. This and several other testimonies stirred beliefs in the hearts of attendees present, prompting them to take action according to their confidence of God’s Word.

The guest speaker, Pastor Jermaine Baiyekusi, further reiterated the infallibility and expanded that what God does for one, he’d do for another under the same condition.

As many came out to give their hearts to Christ it was a great harvest of souls. God has begun a brand new movement of the city of Banjul, and the lives of all in attendance at this plan won’t be the same again.

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