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INCREDIBLE INFORMATION; Chris Oyakhilome Wants You to Know, Everything About God’s Unconditional Love and Grace

Teaching and learning in the scriptures, are considerably more than academic. It involves understanding and responding, as well as being directed by God’s principles in relationship to others to God. It calls for the learner to place the Word of God into practice, not simply hear it (Jas. 1:22). It requires hearing a word from your exterior and placing it upon the inside, in order that it might be expressed in our every activity. Proverbs 2 tells us to incline our ear unto wisdom, implement our heart to understanding, cry after knowledge, lift up our voice for understanding, seek her as silver, search for her like hidden treasures, and then we are going to comprehend and get the knowledge of God (Prov. 2:1-7). God says, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge” (Hosea 4:6), and He admonishes us to meditate on His Word day and night that we may discover to do all that’s written therein.

All things needs to be achieved unto edifying. If those present cannot be educated by what is being done, then it shouldn’t be done. Just as together with the gift of languages (that was talked in the church to benefit everyone) so it is with prophecy. Those who listen will learn and here be comforted.

Fortify, the result of prophecy is always to comfort, encourage, edify, exhort, arouse and help.

We, as believers, are given the exclusive duty to build up others. This occurs in a variety of ways as we seek the accurate welfare of others, promote harmony and peace, and walk in love. We speak things which are good and beneficial to the spiritual advancement of others, and have to prophesy unto the edifying of the church.

Old Rome Experienced the Supernatural Work of God in The Miracle Faith Seminar

A new movement has been started by the Spirit of God around the continents of the entire world, and there is a great demonstration of His plans for His children, and who God is at the Miracle Faith Seminars, an outreach of the Healing School. The capital of Italy, Rome, was one of the first cities to witness the outpouring of the amazing in Europe.

This variation of the Miracle Religion Seminar held for two days that were amazing.

This followed by superb testimonies of Healing School pupils that were past. She’d suffered with this specific state for 5 years until she came to the Healing School. Now, she can do anything she wants to do and is completely free. Asanda Gosa was also in attendance along with her miracle baby; she sang as she testified when she came to the Healing School of being cured of infertility God’s praises.

In a inspirational message titled ‘ to Live, Pastor Miracle Owigho Daniel, the host pastor, exhorted the congregation on the power of God’s Word along with the importance of using it. The folks had a clearer comprehension of how their religion and God connect them and were keen to place all they’d learnt to work.

Several were fixed during special ministrations of the Spirit of different health conditions, and many gave their hearts to Christ; for them, a new life has begun.

Pastor Chris Asks, Why Did Our Savior Come to Earth When He Did?

With His message, He could have reached the the complete world instantly with the web and television and radio.

Here’s your answer: I’m grateful for every single new technology God has given us now to assist us bring the hope of the Gospel to almost every corner of the entire world. Each day we hear of people reacting to Christ through our very own internet ministry (commonly in nations which might be otherwise closed to the Gospel), and also the same holds true of other ministries.

By sending Jesus to earth 2,000 years past! but God failed to create a mistake Believe, for instance, of the millions of people that have lived since if His coming was delayed, then who would never have had the opportunity to hear of Christ. Remember: God’s time is consistently perfect, and God knew the world was completely prepared for His coming, when Jesus was born.

Although it’s still several weeks away, if you’re like most other people, you’re probably already getting excited about Christmas. In the middle of all its busyness, however, don’t lose sight of the wonder of that first Christmas: the coming of Jesus Christ, our Savior, to the world. Make Him the centre of your Christmas – and all of your life – this year.

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