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AMAZING REPORT- Your Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Wants to Know, Why Did Jesus Come to Earth at the Time He Did?

With television and radio and the internet, He might have reached the entire world forthwith with His message.

Here’s your reply: I’m grateful for each and every new technology God has given us today to help us bring the hope of the Gospel to almost every corner of the planet. Each day we hear of individuals responding to Christ through our own internet ministry (generally in states which might be otherwise closed to the Gospel), and the same holds true of other ministries.

But God did not create an error by sending Jesus to earth published 2,000 years ago! Believe, for example, of the millions of people that have lived since then who’d never have had the opportunity to discover of Christ if His coming had been delayed. Remember: God’s time is obviously perfect, and when Jesus was born, God knew the world was fully prepared for His coming.

In the event you’re like most people, you’re likely already looking forward to Christmas, although it’s still several weeks away. In the middle of all of its own busyness, nevertheless, don’t lose sight of the wonder of that first Christmas: the coming into the entire world, of Jesus Christ, our Savior. Make Him the centre of your Christmas – and all of your life – this season.

Additionally, ask God that will help you tell others about His love, and His capacity to improve our selves. Because of Him, we have “hope as an anchor for the soul, strong and secure” (Hebrews 6:19).

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