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Trauma Care International Foundation Wins Merit Award for Security

TCIF is in a position to help more people, families, and communities become better equipped to respond to emergencies. They’ve also helped expand the knowledge and ability base of first responders among traffic management services and the authorities emergency response. They have embarked on countless community based projects and plans in various locations across Nigeria as well as in West Africa (within Accra, Ghana and Yaounde, Cameroon).

In recognition of her role, in presenting remarkable dedication to Occupational Health and Safety TCIF received the SAFE Merit Award for 2016. There were over four hundred nominees with this merit award class that have been selected from various security organizations. These nominations of potential awardees were received from the Institute of Safety Professionals of Nigeria, as well as the general public, reputable security bodies and stakeholders, such as the Lagos Safety Commission. Confirmation because of this award was carried out based on pre-determined criteria and scoring approaches; Trauma Care International Foundation and 10 organisations were presented winners of the prestigious value award.

The TCIF says a warm thank you to her associates as they celebrate this commendable accomplishment and humanitarian action. This is only the beginning of the heights to climb, looking forward to more commendations and greater accomplishments in this glorious year .

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